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Carol Schwartz was an elected official in Washington, D.C., spanning four decades, on both the Board of Education and the Council of the District of Columbia. Although a Republican then, where the voter registration was against her 11 to 1, she ran for Mayor five times, coming close to defeating Marion Barry in 1994. It is still the closest Mayoral general election in the city’s history. 

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Always a straight-shooter, Carol talks about her life with characteristic candor and her opinions with

unbridled honesty—and usually with humor. From her difficult childhood in West Texas to her unexpected

political victories, to her losses both in public and private life, including the sudden death of her husband,

Carol Schwartz tells it like it was, warts and all. 

As Carol says, “If you want someone to give you a sugar-coated synopsis of a life, go elsewhere.

But if you want an outspoken personal autobiography—with pictures galore—that also talks about the

history of D.C. since Home Rule, takes you behind the scenes of chaotic campaigns, as well as shows

you the inner-workings of government —all rolled together—come on this ride with me.”

It’s a journey of wins and defeats, and coming back with hope.

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